Sketching & Painting en plein air

Suggested field pack

  • sketch pad
  • pencils – graphite and charcoal
  • erasers – kneadable type are best
  • pastels – chalk or oil.  Chalk are better for under paintings
  • watercolor box
  • selection of brushes
  • water  and suitable container
  • sharpening tools – pencil sharpener and or razor blades – these should of course be properly protected.
  • tortillions – they are made of tightly rolled paper sticks shaped to a point and used for shading and making your drawings appear 3 dimensional.  Ideal for blending pastels.
  • transparent tape
  • rulers
  • can of fixative – stops smudging
  • binoculars – useful when you can’t get too close to birds and animals
  • camera preferably with a telescopic lens – useful as a reference
  • field easel – light weight
  • stool or waterproof rug to sit on

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